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Broken garage Door Brooklyn NY

Sometimes, unexpected accidents happen. It can be anything, at this situation the car was left on neutral and rolled back straight into the garage door. White wood over head garage door got smashed. The garage door was pretty old already and the extension...

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Roll up gate installation in Manhattan

Roll up door installation in Manhattan Opening a new business or moving into a new location? You probably either have expensive merchandise or the neighborhood requires extra protection when you are not there and you are concerned about break- ins, the...

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Broken gate slats

In the photo above, you can see several slats that are damaged. There are a several reasons why gate slats can be damaged but the most common one is when something is forgotten under the gate while you try to lower it and the pressure on the slats causes...

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Central motor installation

When you are looking for new, presentable and secure front roll up gate, look no further, this is exactly what we do! Starting from taking off the old broken fence and replacing the spring that roll up the gate. Then we install a reliable new central motor...

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Push Up Spring replacement NY

With time, the push up spring on the roll up door which is made out of steel develop rust and break during the wild New York weather seasons and need to be replaced. In the photo you can see the difference between a new manual push up spring to an old roll...

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Important Tips About your Garage Door

The following tips will ensure your garage door is protected from deteriorating due to moisture related issues. Always keep all exposed wood painted, protected and repaired Ensure weather stripping is in place and is in excellent condition Always keep...

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The 25 Point Safety Inspection for Your Garage Door

Routine safety inspections take a few minutes. They can be done periodically, around one a month, for your peace of mind and to keep your door functioning safely. If you find anything concerning, please do not attempt to repair or adjust yourself. Don’t...

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Regardless of whether your rolling gate is solid or grille, we guarantee top quality when it comes to our repairs and installations. Our clients are important to us so we never cut corners and only leave once complete satisfaction and all safety checks are...

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Roll up door NYC

  Nowadays, you can see almost everywhere that businesses, stores and car garages / car lots have front rolling steel door. You can see many of them, from old rusty fences, to high end roll down gate. Here at GES garage and gate we understand that...

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