In the photo above, you can see several slats that are damaged.

There are a several reasons why gate slats can be damaged but the most common one is when something is forgotten under the gate while you try to lower it and the pressure on the slats causes them to bend. In severe cases the slats can come of the track and make your roll up gate unusable.

In some cases minor fixing can solve the problem but if needed some slats need to be replaced or the gate gear motor due to major damage.

In case the gate slats are bent the gate will get stuck over and over again until the damaged slats will be replaced.

Our experienced technician’s here at GES garage and gate can assess quickly which slats can be salvaged and which slats much be replaced. The slats we hold on stock are heavy duty slats which can hold high pressure and ensure smooth future operation.

Give us a call if you would like for us to evaluate the damage and provide you a quote (646) 647-3031

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