Fire safety and Security Doors

Fire safety is one of the most important factors of a building, especially if the building is occupied by many and used for multiple purposes. This is when we come in into action…

Fire Safety You Can Count On

Building owners must perform fire risk assessments and be sure that the correct measures are in place to keep all occupants protected from a fire related emergency.

If you need to replace, install or update your fireproof rated doors give us a call. GES can give you fireproof doors you can count on from glass fire doors and wooden fire doors to aluminum fire doors. We have an excellent selection that are not only guaranteed to be safe but come in many appealing styles too.

Security Grille Repairs

Security grilles are important applications for many commercial businesses such as malls, retail stores, garages, schools and more. Keeping them running smoothly and problem free will ensure they give you optimal protection. The grille gives an unobstructed view of the interior but complete protection too making it perfect for businesses that display merchandise and so on.

Safe and Secure Door Access Controls

A safe and secure access control will keep your occupants traveling in and out efficiently and unwanted threats to your security out. We repair all sorts of access controls such as phone entry systems, card readers, magnetic locks, lop detectors, transmitters and keypad controls among others.

Secure Security Systems for Optimum Protection

At GES, we believe in giving our customers the best of everything and that includes quality security systems that range from standard to digital systems that are computer based. All security standards are met which includes installing CCTV and intercoms around the establishment.

We do more than just repair commercial doors and give you the best fireproof and security safety doors, our services include installations and maintenance on a wide range of doors around the New York area. No matter what you need done, GES has you covered.

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Fire proof metal doors

Keep your fire door up to date with local, state and federal regulations and ensure you comply. We have a huge supply of the top metal fire door brands that are great energy savers and incredible low cost.

Reputable Fireproof Doors

Looking for the best and most reputable metal fireproof door? Call us today and we will ensure all repairs and installations are done fast, efficient and at a low cost.

Why You Need a Fire Door?

A fire door is an instrumental part of a building or other structure as it works as part of a fire protection system where it helps to reduce fire and smoke from spreading between rooms and spaces of the structure. It has a fire resistance rating or a fire protection rating if the door features a closer.

The Different Kinds of Fireproof Doors

  • Fireproof Rated Doors
  • Aluminium Fireproof Doors
  • Glass Fireproof Doors – these must be made with fire resistant glass that is certified and has passed fire testing.

Custom-Made Fireproof Doors

At GES, we provide top quality fireproof residential doors. We custom make, repair and install fire rated fireproof doors with steel frames or even with your already existing frame. We custom make the size of your vision lights and we use heavy duty door hardware.

Fire Rated Glass Doors

If you want an aesthetically pleasing entrance to your office, conference rooms or other space then a glass fireproof door is the ideal solution. As far as regulations go, a fireproof door is mandatory but having it made out glass makes it pleasing to the eye.

The Key Features of our Fire Rated Doors

  • They are custom designed and fitted
  • They are fire rated as per regulations
  • They feature stile and rail
  • They have interlocking wooden edges
  • They have keyed edge hardwood
  • They are maintainable
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Roll-Up Fireproof Doors

Roll-up fireproof doors prevent fire and smoke from spreading around a building so should be made with care and work well. They are aesthetically pleasing but also have a valuable purpose of frequent opening and closing for protection against fire.

Roll-up fireproof doors are fire shutters that can be operated either manually or with the use of a motor which is activated when a fusible link is melted. They are ideal for smaller spaces that need fireproof rated protection such as cafeterias and so on.

Our automatically closing roll-up fireproof doors and shutters give you the best protection from fire and smoke. We make it incredibly easy for you to protect all visitors and occupants of your space. Give us a call today and get protected.

Fireproof Door Retainers

Fireproof doors must always remain closed, especially when being used to stop the spread of smoke and fire. Door closers are used to keep them closed but this can be a bit uncomfortable if the door is often used as it is heavy to open.

An alternative option to door closers are retainers.  Fireproof door retainers keep the door open and then close it upon the event of the fire alarm going off.

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