Roll Up Gates in New York City

GES Gate and Garage Door knows the importance of having a working rolling gate as it is a huge hamper on business operations when your gate fails to function correctly. This is why we pride ourselves on being available fast and effectively. Our expert technicians will see to it that your rolling gates or doors are repaired as soon as possible and work perfectly before they leave.

Rolling gates Repair in NY

Along with security grilles, we repair all kinds of rolling gates and doors for industrial, commercial and even residential use. Whatever the issue, we can repair it.

Our range of rolling doors are suitable for even the most demanding environments and come in a range of slats and materials perfect for even industrial use. We can repair rolling gates used for malls, loading areas, warehouses and more. They are the perfect solution to keeping your business safe from threats. The solid steel rolling gate is ideal for commercial use and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

When we repair your rolling gate, we use only the best quality hardware and we ensure a thorough inspection before and after we are done. We can even offer you routine maintenance to keep your gate running smoothly and lasting a long time.

We have light duty and heavy duty rolling doors to suit your needs better. Light duty doors are ideal for storage facilities, auto body shops, warehouses, recreational establishments and so on while heavy duty doors are better for loading areas, terminals, warehouses and more. Light duty doors are low maintenance and have electric motors with a variety of mounting options while heavy duty doors need heavy duty brackets and high life cycle springs.

Electric or Manual Rolling Gates

You will find electric and manual rolling gates the two most common types that are used in commercial and residential environments. Electric doors are becoming increasingly the way forward as they do not require the physical action of having to roll up the door but manual gates are still found in many older buildings.

Electric doors offer convenience as they work on a remote and during a power outage, they can switch over to manual use. They come with a host of safety features which are continuously improved upon too. Manual doors are more affordable and don’t use power or batteries which makes them energy saving and able to work during a power outage. They are, however, not as popular as electric doors.

GES is your trusted provider of excellent services that include installation of brand new rolling gates but we are happy to assist with even the slightest repair. Our technicians are highly skilled and extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of repairs and installations so you can count on a thorough and quality job.


GES Gate and Garage Door is dedicated to providing the best services in the industry. Our rolling gate services are unrivalled as we supply, manufacture, repair and install the highest quality rolling gates in New York.

Our rolling gate services include custom made rolling gates and doors for indoor and outdoor environments and we are experts at supplying and repairing quality hardware like motors, springs and locks.

We are experts in the industry and our highly skilled technicians will see to it that your repair or installation is done with precision and care. GES services Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn as well as other areas of New York.

The kinds of doors we specialize in include:

  • Rolling gates
  • Security grilles
  • Sliding gates
  • Garage gates and doors
  • Parking area gates
  • Fire rated gates and doors
  • Many others

Rolling Gate and Door Repair Services In NYC

GES Gate and Garage Door operates 24/7 giving you after hour emergency services that will ensure your business is never left unprotected. We have years of experience and customer satisfaction with all our rolling gate and door services in the New York area. Give us a call today, we are ready to repair and assess any issues you may be having with your commercial rolling gate.

We are experts in all areas of rolling gate repairs and just some of our repair services include:

  • Roll-up and roll-down gate and door repair and installations
  • Torsion spring repairs
  • Chain repairs and installations
  • Motor repairs
  • Key switch replacements
  • Interior and exterior gate repairs
  • Security grille repair and installation

GES Gate and Garage Door is an industry leader. We repair commercial and residential rolling gates and doors in Manhattan, Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn as well as other areas of New York. Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency repairs and we are well equipped to handle almost any repair immediately. Our repairs and products meet the highest standards of the industry so you are guaranteed excellent security and protection with quality doors that last a long time.

Torsion Spring Repairs

Torsion springs are vital components of a rolling gate or door and must be in excellent condition for the gate or door to work well. The springs are designed specifically for the function of lifting or lowering the gate or door. They are made of wound up wire which coils around with legs on the end. This spring should be tight at all times in order to function properly and when it begins loosening, it will need to be tightened or ultimately replaced if it has not been serviced routinely.

A good functioning torsion spring is equally as important as having the right one installed as they need to have the right amount of spring force for the weight and length of the rolling gate or door. We are ready to help you get the best torsion spring for your door and make any necessary repairs to ensure your rolling gate or door does not fail due to a problematic torsion spring.

Window Security Bars and Gates

Security is important for any business operating in New York and we know how to ensure your business is kept safe at all times. Along with quality door installations and repairs that guarantee safety, we install and replace window bars and gates for that added feeling of total security. Your business will be completely protected and any window displays will still be seen.

Our window bars and gates are designed in many different styles and can be ideal for interior or exterior placement. Give us a call today for quality window bars and gates.

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