Routine safety inspections take a few minutes. They can be done periodically, around one a month, for your peace of mind and to keep your door functioning safely. If you find anything concerning, please do not attempt to repair or adjust yourself. Don’t loosen, adjust or remove any screws, especially those on the bottom brackets because the brackets connect to the spring system and the springs are always under extreme tension. Call us and we will assist.

When checking the garage door, check:

  1. The door balances
  2. The springs
  3. The rollers
  4. The cables
  5. The safety cables
  6. The drums
  7. The center bearings
  8. The end bearing plates
  9. The pulleys
  10. The forks
  11. The shaft
  12. The hinges
  13. The brackets
  14. The tracks
  15. The hinge arms
  16. The strut and truss rods
  17. The spring anchors
  18. The bottom weather seal
  19. The condition of the panel

Then check the door opener:

  1. The controls, keyless entries and remotes
  2. The boom and trolley
  3. The safety eyes
  4. The motor and gear
  5. The bell wires
  6. The safety reverse and limit switch
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